KPI and key stages of effective on record oral Communications

The KPI Framework to measuring performance for teams or sports is a motivational strategy to act as a guide and way of helping both people realise certain things.¬† One of these of course is underperformance. If an Individual in a team is not fulfilling his role, the whole team will be effected and this person […]

Communication 4 all written communication skills examples resume unified communications training and unified communications training courses

Communications 5 appealing skills to include on your resume, communication skills examples cv for resume¬†communication skills training, cv examples from popular universities in London that specialise in providing courses for students who wish to further there resume and better their academic skills. What are the terms to never use in your resume? Are you a […]

Google Fireworks 5 – November Updates

I know as I sure you do most of the fireworks were released on Saturday. It’s November 5th do not be stuck in doors tonite it’s bonfire night. On Google Fireworks 5th December search and you will find, phone around, ask a friend if you do not know. Final answer? Hi my name’s Robert and […]

Time Media Management: New

Replacing time for things, taking the day into consideration and juggling around all that needs to be done and all that. If you are not already broadcasting whatever it is you are doing or going to do you are missing out, heres why. People are just waiting to be managed, everyday people look at what […]

The Cog In The Wheel: The Fear

The cog (or hub) in the wheel to counterbalance fear. An entry about Autosuggestion, Consciousness, Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, the Subconscious and some thoughts about Cybernetics by Meltz, Tony Robbins and the Unconscious mind from my friend James. Points towards a chapter in Napoleon Hill too.

Using Twitter To Promote A MeetUp Event

Twitter is a microblog where in 139 characters you can make a post. There has been some interesting positive claims about the company over the years one of them is there ability to monetise and still provide a service without to many distractions or selling of data. The company has a good reputation. Millions of […]