Step by Step Marketing And Building List Plan

One way to cement your personal commitment is to outline a step by step marketing plan for reaching your goals. Where you are now? Leave yourself some space, and then jot down: where you want to be and how long you plan on taking to get there? Then go back and break down the process of getting from point A to point B in detailed steps. This not only helps you to visualise reaching your goal, it also allows you to cross steps off creating a contract with yourself to reach your objective. NLP solution – Sub Modality Reframing a phycological way of recoding and remapping the systematic patterns a person follows in their day to day routine. Ask yourself leading questions, and then take some time to think about the honest answers. A regular dose of childlike joy is a healing balm for your soul. Be uninhibited! Keep a mental list of your favourite little things and draw on them whenever you feel a few quarts low on happy. (sowing the seeds of success by Topher Morris).

Peale, Norman Vincent. The Power of Epic thinking. New York: Random House, Inc., 1952

Be big, loud and opinionated. How can you connect your latest project to a popular trend? Is there a following for your genre, does your niche have a fan club? Read and reread the newspaper advertising is a staple for many of the biggest companies of our time. Radio to infect the airwaves and affect change. The telephone to use in contacting people you want to connect with and having the right recording on the other end to create a call to action with a page you promote. Say what things they can do, what options are available, congratulations for taking action and calling up. What TV shows are influencing minds, because these shows have terminology that people recognise and you can use this in your current copy, presentations and blog entries. Online software that the type of people you want to speak to use, what are the demographics and age groups of people, where is this research done, how can you draw from this throughout your conversations with your list. placing abstract catch-phrases, quotes, song lyrics alongside video artwork, Nolan solidified this method to create “buzz” for a URL. The viral exponent of blogging is that the ability to comment and link back is so easy that before you know it you blog is connected to several other sites adding to the massive web of content expanding daily. Make a list of current free directories you can submit your video, convert posts and entries into power points, videos etc. Undeserved wealth syndrome. Mike Filsaime the creator of Butterfly Marketing.

Blogs to follow to keep up with the curve of marketing.

First set up a ‘Squeeze Page’ or ‘Landing Page’ and offer an internet marketing product for free.

Along with your product, you are also going to offer some free, good quality bonuses, in return for your visitor’s name and email address in your step by step marketing plan. You can drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page using free traffic exchange sites, safelists, article marketing, blog, forum and message board commenting.

Once your visitor has opted-in, you direct them to a ‘One Time Offer’ sales page, where you offer them a Resale Rights Package. This method will give you approx 50 new subscribers a day and you will convert 2 or 3 of them, making around $30-$50 a day.

You will continually offer back-end products to your growing list of subscribers which will bring in an extra $300 – $500 a month. This figure will grow as your list grows. Anything that isn’t freely available to find on the internet. Is unique to existing information. You could compile a list of up to date Safelists and Traffic Exchange Sites. spend some time reviewing these sites and write up a mini report for each one. Give your unbiased thoughts and list the Pros and Cons of each being sure to add to your step by step marketing.

Example of a bundled squeeze capture page to build list using PLR giveaway documents that are edited and loaded with affiliate links or links to websites you sell stuff or friends and other sites that are doing could stuff and will help your list.

1. Do the market research critical to identifying a viable niche market based on your interests and hobbies.

2. Create your own product. Having a step by step marketing guide to follow will show you exactly how to do it, identifying profitable products. How to earn large commissions selling other people’s products avoiding storage and postage costs or point the way to other services online and get paid.

3. Sell with benefits to generate maximum excitement, establish rock-solid online credibility, build a relationship of trust with your readers.

4. Build a simple, professional website that is designed to sell. And how to easily accept payments on your site, so you can begin making sales as soon as possible. simply script it all out and read it back in your OWN voice. If it doesn’t sound right, change your script.

5. Collect your visitors’ contact information, and then use permission-based email marketing to drive them back to your site. Add an “opt-in form” to your website for first time visitors adding a compelling opt-in offer.

6. Newest trends in pay-per-click advertising, when to use it and when not to, and how to track results. Post submissions to search engines, like Google and Bing, and drive potentially thousands more visitors and capture email subscribers on squeeze, sales page, social media and websites with blog entries that show you keeping up to date with the marketing curve in an entertaining and original voice. How to write great PPC ads to get maximum exposure. Long-term and short-term PPC strategies you can start using right away.

7. Selling and targeting new hubs of start up groups, what problems are they all talking about, how can you help them and more importantly where should you put your offer so they can benefit from your work. Video’s are a great way of showing how to do things, step by step, go here, register business here, get this policy observe this service and how that will help them save money in the process. iPod downloads so people can listen whilst out and about. Make a list of buzzwords in that field and save it somewhere so you can consistently use within your communications, social media entries and even in some instances meta keyword or category optimisation.

Step by step marketing magazine news.

Fast-growing titles included Teen Vogue +39%, The Atlantic +24 and Esquire +29%. Categories – thought-leader (The Atlantic), fashion glossies, food magazines. Celebrity and entertainment weeklies, Life & Style, People, In Touch, Entertainment and Rolling Stone. Only Star -22 percent%, automotive books -28% and women’s service magazines, Better Homes and Gardens hold the same amount of readers making these safe topics to choose. Keyword elite, Market Samurai, RankTracker etc.

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Financial Freedom Workshop

Today is the start of the Financial Freedom Workshop a 3 day marathon of suggestions from one man. For the first time to my knowledge Mark Anastasi is doing a very educational make money online workshop. Some of the strategies I hope to learn from Mark will be revealed, some of which he has mentioned in the video player below, early today prior to watching the video I have done a bit of research and in doing so, found some interesting news. It’s not the first time I have been to his events and it certainly won’t be the last. Having attended an event before I have read many of the books and video‘s Mark has published over a number of years and found them to be very helpful. I am sure you will agree this is a good opportunity for myself and everyone who attend this London 3 day event.

Financial Freedom 2011 Workshop

Mark Anastasi Financial 3 Day Workshop 2011

Mark Anastasi is sterling character and has introduced the marketing world to some interesting marketers. Mark moves between locations like most successful marketers and has offices based in London, basically I am very excited about getting down there.

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Accessing the Power Within.

Accessing the Power Within. Thinking has to come from listening else it is just an internal monologue. Listening is good but understanding and being able to fast forward the clock in a reasonable manner is very helpful too. Sometimes it is hard to understand becuase we are held back by personal motiffs which are important, but if we do not listen we will never know what to give.

Creativity is being overshadowed from the top down, getting value for money is important, but the aesthetics of technology and techniques used, studied and put into practise can send out signals to buyers. Key thing in a small business is be as honest and special as you can possibly be without leaving you with nothing, capturing your audience is
key, holding onto this database is another topic.

London by night

We all share these same goals but struggle to pay for the aesthetics and monthly payments that come with this luxury. At this level we can network and broadcast our ideas with each other.

Networking is difficult, setting it up is easy, finding the time to hold it down as we get used to the new landscape is something many are embracing quite well. I like the idea of building this up, creating a funnel and providing a service which is needed. If I am just chasing my tail then so be it, I make mistakes and keep reading new a fast ways to expand and reach further out into the plateau’s of powers that exist within. The mystery of all this is when similar things happen and similar ventures begin, connecting these landscapes happen. I know I just waffling but I think this can happen.

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Access Power Within

Accessing the power within